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 Tick Awareness
tick alert
As we are now in the Summer months Public Health England (PHE) have published new leaflets in order to improve the awareness of ticks and the impact of Lyme Disease. A copy of the leaflet can be found here.. 
Further information can be found on the PHE Website..
For more information on Lyme Disease please click here.


HOW TO REPORT FAULTS on the Essex Highways website

May 2017. From Katherine, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The website is... – and - roads.aspx

The above page has little pictograms - click on "tell us about something."
A map comes up - click on approximately the right area (precision is not required at this stage).
A page with 14 pictograms comes up. Scroll down to the bottom left hand and click on the Public Rights of Way pictogram.

Read more: How to report faults on the Essex Highways website

                    Leaders: Not sure where to start a walk from?
A map developed by Chris Vaughan of Ramblers Webs, may help.
Click here and look for that start point
It shows all start points used on walks submitted to the Walks Finder, across the UK. You can zoom into the required area and filter for the number of times the start point has been used and how recently.

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 How to Use a Compass

A compass is an essential piece of kit for use with OS maps when navigating through the countryside. Getting to grips with handling and using a compass can sometimes be confusing.

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Contacting the Emergency Services

Produced by the Ramblers and the British Red Cross

 Dealing with emergencies

When dealing with an emergency it is important to try and remain calm and look out for any dangers to yourself, the injured walker and the remainder of the group. There are three conditions that immediately threaten life:

Breathing problems
Heart problems
Serious bleeding


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Walk leaders check list



This checklist is based on advice from the Ramblers Navigation and Leadership, a manual for Leading Group Walks. Walks are led in different ways according to Group practice and the nature of the walk.

For more guidance about leading walks see and click on Walks Leader.

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Grid Point - Post Code Finder


 If you want to find a location by street address, grid reference e.g. TL611311 or post code  click here.

You can also convert post codes into grid references and vice versa.


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