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HOW TO REPORT FAULTS on the Essex Highways website

The website is... – and - roads.aspx

The above page has little pictograms - click on "tell us about something."

A map comes up - click on approximately the right area (precision is not required at this stage).
A page with 14 pictograms comes up. Scroll down to the bottom left hand and click on the Public Rights of Way pictogram.
8 pictograms of types of problems - click on the appropriate one.
And more pictograms - click on the appropriate one.
When you get to the map, type in a postcode (no spaces), village or street like it says - or just zoom in on the map. You may have to zoom out a bit to orientate yourself but then zoom back in again. You must zoom RIGHT in - if you haven't zoomed in far enough a box shows with the message "Zoom in further to see house numbers and reported issues."
Public footpaths are pink. You should be able to click on a location and report the problem, provided that you have zoomed in far enough. I think you should also be able to see already reported problems (date not given) - again provided you have zoomed in far enough. An information box displays with the PRoW number and path description. Click on the confirm location box if the marker is in the correct place. TAKE care, I have noticed that the marker jumps so you have may have to click "close" and try again.
PLEASE enter an email address in the second box so that the local PRoW inspector can contact you / report back to you - the box that used to exist for this has been removed (to do with Data Protection apparently).
ALSO please copy & paste what you have reported to a separate (word) file on your computer as you no longer get an email confirmation of your report. Also paste in the reference number which you get when you click submits.
IF you try and add photos that are too many MB it won't accept them.

There is now only ONE interactive PROW map - Roads/Interactive -Maps - and - Live – Travel - Information/Highways – Information - Map.aspx Click on the "Assets" box on the left hand side to show PROWs (bus stops & road categories also display). Click on the "pink" PROW - the number will display in the information box.