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Dear Rambling Colleagues

The time has come for us to be thinking very seriously about the Ramblers surveys for the second half of the Essex Coastal Path. I know a large number of you have already done and are still doing sterling work on the first sections from Manningtree to Maldon for which we are very grateful, but there are a number of new challenges and more miles to be looked at before we have finished to job.
I am at present collecting names and offers of help and do not want at this stage to exclude or overlook any offers that have so far been given.
If I am frank I am not even sure till I get further clarification from my contact at Natural England exactly where some of the stages will start and end. The next liaison meeting has been booked for 20th September and Alan Goffee and I will find out their new team.  Which order they are taking this second half of the Essex path which runs from Burnham on Crouch through to Gravesend also seem to change slightly each chat. 
So as we are not quite ready for another big launch I will give you a brief run down now. I have just been looking at the relevant web site essex for any new information.
They are currently still showing stage 2 and 3 of the five stages have been reached. dialogue has started and in some cases been completed with local land owners and other legal interests in land that may be affected, also discussions with other key organisation have taken place. This of course includes the written reports prepared by our ramblers volunteers. 
Once this is completed Natural England write the Proposal for the Secretary of State for our Coastal Access and anyone can make representation on the report and owners/occupiers may submit an objection relating to particular aspects of the proposals. 
Stage 4 is the Determination when the Secretary of State decides whether to approve the proposals or take some further action, once the route has been decided by the Secretary of State preparations are made on the ground and the legal paperwork is completed. When all this is completed we will have our new public rights of access over that stretch of the path.
We hope Natural England will be able let us have more information to put on our Essex Area Website soon.
So we are looking for both Key Workers who will liaise on behalf of Essex Area Ramblers with the relevant Natural England adviser or the lead adviser who have been assigned to each stretch and volunteer surveyors who will walk as much of the route as they able to using existing public footpaths or open access land. The Key Workers will be in charge of seeing all the reports for each section of the sections they are covering are in when needed. They will also be able to help with how to use the computer to send digital photos to demonstrate in your report any points that need to be made, there will be no need to get paper prints of photos.
Please ring me Ann on 01245 223657 (answer phone in use) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a heading volunteer for Essex Coastal Path or let your Area Representative know how you can help before  the next Area Council on 15th September 2016. Alan and I will then know how we stand before our 20th September meeting. 
Thank you every one for helping make this happen.
Many thanks
Ann McLaren Essex Area President.