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Manifesto for a Walking Britain

We are committed to supporting Britain’s 9 million walkers and to protecting and expanding access to the places people love to walk – whether that’s along our treasured public rights of way network, in our towns and cities or on access land like our mountains, moors and heath.

With Brexit on the horizon, the relationship between the UK and the EU will take centre stage in the election. This shouldn’t mean that other issues are overlooked. We know that walking is critical in helping tackle a host of existing challenges facing the country: improving our mental and physical health; reviving local economies; and enhancing our connection with the outdoors, and each other.We explore this in our Manifesto for a Walking Britain where we call on all candidates in the 2017 election to support us in unlocking the potential of walking to create a happier, healthier society, a better environment, and a more prosperous economy.


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