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See Network Rail update here

Network Rail have made what they describe as "notable changes" to 12 of the 61 Essex Area crossings in their proposed Anglia Level crossings closures programmes.  The end result is still a proposal to close 57 crossings in Ramblers Essex Area (and eastern Hertfordshire). Two public footpath crossings are to remain open, Saddlers and Puddle Dock, and Camps crossing is to remain open as a private farmers crossing only. In addition, two crossings - Long Green and Church1- are already legally closed and so have been removed from the programme.

There is an update folder under each county on the webpage

  1. E02 Camps and E03 Sadlers  (Roydon-Harlow) - Sadlers now to remain open. Camps closed to the public, private rights for the farmer remain.
  2. E04 Parndon Mill - remains closed (Roydon-Harlow) - alternative footpath diversion proposal on south side
  3. E11 Windmills - remains closed (B.Stortford-Cambridge line) - alternative footpath proposal
  4. E20 Snivellers - remains closed (mainline London-Colchester-Norwich) - alternate pretty useless bridleway loop on the north side
  5. E27 Puddle Dock & E28 Whipps Farmers (Upminster line)- Puddle Dock now to remain open
  6. E45 Great Bentley Station and and E46 Lords No. 1 (Clacton /Frinton line) - changes to footpath proposals
  7. E52 Golden Square (Sudbury single track line) - extra linear footpath along the railway line

Network Rail state the closure program will bring a number of benefits. Gordon Bird has helpfully paraphrased these as - improve safety of crossing users, deliver efficiency and reliability, reduce railway costs, reduce delays and improve journey time reliability. 

Network Rail state that they are not including any new bridges or underpasses. So the ONLY two public footpath crossings that will stay open - E03 Saddlers and E27 Puddle Dock - will presumably continue to be stop and look crossings,with presumably no lights or additional safety features.  E23 Long Green and E24 Church1 on the London-Colchester-Norwich mainline have been removed from the project - which is not surprising as these crossings are already legally closed.  Network Rail state that the closure proposals and proposed diversions at the other crossings are unchanged or only have "minor modifications".

Network Rail state that...
-  they intend to apply for and submit three Transport and Works Act Orders in March 2017 - one each for Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex/Southend/Thurrock/Havering/Herts. 
- after the Orders have been submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport, there is a formal statutory objection / representation period of 42 days.
- If objections are received, there then formal public scrutiny by an independent Inspector who makes recommendations to the Secretary of State.
- the Orders, if confirmed, will give Network Rail the powers to dedicate PRoWs across private land and to extinguish and alter existing rights.

A pdf document with an updated timeline is also a link on the Network Rail Anglia level crossings proposals webpage ...