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Advisory Meeting - Network Rail Crossing closures

Network Rail have now published their rail crossing closure proposals as three Transport and Works Act Orders - Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex.  The  "Essex" Order includes some crossings in Hertfordshire, Thurrock, the London Borough of Havering and Southend - plus of course crossings in Essex County Council.  See also the attached map from the NR website and their listing of crossings.

Background information and the Ramblers petition is on the Ramblers website at ....

Below is a link to the Network Rail pages dealing with the Transport & Works Act documentation for Essex etc.
My husband Paul tried to find the information but without the link it seems impossible to find the web pages.  The text below is from a staff member at Ramblers Central Office.  Not mentioned below is NR09 - the Book of Reference - which contains the landowner details.

As I understand it, objections made by Highways Authorities (e.g.ECC and Thurrock Unitary) and by landowners force a Public Inquiry. I think that objections made by District / Borough Councils may also be powerful.  I assume all District / Borough Councils have been contacted and informed by Network Rail but I have not checked. My Parish Council of Feering has certainly received information (there are 2 Feering crossings included in the Order).  Objections made by organisations like the Ramblers, CPRE do not force a Public Inquiry. 

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Above is the link to the documents concerning the draft order for which the formal application has now been made.
See also --> running the railway  --> our routes --> Anglia

You will see that several links appear when you click on it, below the heading ‘Essex and others level crossing reduction order’.
NR02, ‘Draft Order’ is the first important one.  There’s probably no need to study most of it. The relevant parts are Schedule 1. ‘Scheduled Works’, and, most especially, Schedule 2, ‘Closure of level crossings’. This has two parts, Part One being the diversions, and Part Two the extinguishments which have no alternative.

You will see that in Part One, there are four columns: 1, the name of the county, district and parish.  2, the extent of the level crossing to be stopped up and discontinued. 3, the extent of highway to be extinguished. 4, the status and extent of the new way.  Essentially (and putting it very roughly) it is a case of deciding whether the new way provided by column 4 is adequate replacement for the  combined effects of columns 2 and 3. 

Part Two of Schedule 2 is just the extinguishments, of ‘Closure of level crossings not subject to opening of new highway’, as they put it. Here it’s a case of deciding which of these are acceptable bearing in mind the suitability of other local routes, if any.

Of possible importance is the content of Schedule 4, ‘Redesignation of highways’, and Schedule 10, ‘“Streets” to be temporarily stopped up’ (we might have a view on this).

Section NR08, ‘Works, Land and Rights of Way Plans and Section Plans’ contains the detailed plans of what each proposal will look like ‘on the ground’.