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Update on Network Rail

As you will know after Essex Ramblers submitted objections to Network Rail crossing closures to the Secretary of State for Transport, he agreed to a public Inquiry into these. This was a major achievement and everyone involved needs to be thanked for their efforts.

The Inquiry date  set to open on the 18th October will be based at Civic Offices in Chelmsford. It will also hold proposed but not confirmed meetings, at Colchester, Basildon and Stansted. 
This does not give us much time as all our objections have to be have to be submitted as Proof of Evidence by the middle of September together with pictures and other evidence. The Footpath Secretaries involved in objecting to the 36 crossings, are required to write around 1000 words on each crossing in a very short time. Ramblers Central Office then check these and  submit them to the Barrister appointed to represent us at the Inquiry. It is expected that all the Footpath Secretaries will act as witnesses to put the case for each crossing. The Barrister will need to discuss each crossing with the witnesses and visit many of the crossings, all by the date set by the Inquiry for submission of evidence.This is a huge task and on your behalf I wish to thank them for their commitment.
Although the Inquiry will open on the 18th October at Chelmsford, there has already been a pre- meeting, which Area Officers attended together with Central Office staff and our Barrister. This was  to sort arrangements and details of procedure. It was clear from the number of people present this will not be a short Inquiry.
Central Office have produced a short video about what Network Rail are attempting and are fully committed to supporting Essex in its objections. Further updates will be issued but please set aside time to come to the Inquiry meetings, your support is needed.

Alan Goffee Chair Essex Ramblers