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Paths Orders referred to the Secretary of State


Path Orders in Essex that have been referred to the Planning Inspectorate (an arm of the Secretary of State) for determination.  Orders are referred if there are outstanding objections from anybody, not necessarily the Ramblers Association.  If an objection is made or likely to be made on behalf of the Ramblers Association in Essex Area, then the decision to object has to be brought to Committee - usually the Ramblers Essex Area Footpath and Walking Environment Committee - for ratification.

Information about the process is on the government website.

Information about current and pre-August 2015 determinations are at.  ....  scroll down to Essex.


Navestock Footpath 4 (part), Brentwood District  - decision issued 7 August 2015
Ramblers objected
FPS/Z1585/4/20 Decision (PDF, 84.8KB, 6 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/20 Decision map (PDF, 375KB, 1 page)

Wickham Bishops Footpath 13 in the district of Maldon - order start date 3 August 2015.
FPS/Z1585/4/23 Notice of order (PDF, 57.4KB, 2 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/23 Sealed order (PDF, 942KB, 5 pages)
ecision issued 15 December 2015: 
FPS/Z1585/4/23 Decision and map (PDF, 619KB, 5 pages)

Bradwell-on-Sea Footpath 8 & 15  in the District of Maldon - order start date: 11 August 2015.
FPS/Z1585/4/21 Notice of order (PDF, 70.5KB, 2 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/21 Sealed order (PDF, 1.91MB, 6 pages)
ecision dated 26 January 2016: 
FPS/Z1585/4/21 Interim decision and map (PDF, 615KB, 7 pages)
Modification notice dated 25 February 2016
FPS/Z1585/4/21 Notice of modification to order (PDF, 46.5KB, 1 page)

Ashdon Footpath 95  in the District of Uttlesford - order start date: 16 September 2015
FPS/Z1585/4/25 Notice of order (PDF, 55.2KB, 2 pages)
ecision dated 28 January 2016
FPS/Z1585/4/25 Decision (PDF, 146KB, 4 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/25 Map (PDF, 162KB, 1 page)

Stanway Footpath 16  in the Borough of Colchester - rejection letter issued 17 August 2015
FPS/Z1585/4/22 Rejection letter (PDF, 70.2KB, 1 page)

Frinton and Walton Footpath 52, Tendring District DMM Order 588, 2014 - decision issued 5 August 2015
FPS/Z1585/7/83 Decision and map (PDF, 1.01MB, 4 pages)

Wickham St Paul Footpath 10, Braintree District  - order start date: 10 November 2015
FPS/Z1585/4/24 Notice of order (PDF, 55.5KB, 2 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/24 Sealed order (PDF, 612KB, 6 pages)

Basildon Footpaths 271, 272 & 273, Basildon Borough DMM Order 557, 2013 - order start date: 5 January 2015
FPS/Z1585/7/81 Notice of order (PDF, 62.9KB, 3 pages)

Helions Bumpstead Footpaths 25, 27 and 54  in the District of Braintree - Notice of order: start date 20 January 2016
Ramblers are objecting to the diversion of FPs 25 & 27.  There are also local objectors
FPS/Z1585/4/26 Notice of order (PDF, 55.2KB, 2 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/26 Sealed order (PDF, 1.21MB, 6 pages)

Helions Bumpstead Footpaths 23 and 24  in the District of Braintree - Notice of order: start date 27 January 2016
FPS/Z1585/4/27 Notice of order (PDF, 55.4KB, 2 pages)
FPS/Z1585/4/27 Sealed order (PDF, 1.17MB, 6 pages)


Havering Public Footpath 198: Stopping Up and Diversion Order 2015 - Rejection letter 18 November 2015
FPS/B5480/5/1 Rejection letter (PDF, 89.5KB, 1 page)
FPS/B5480/5/1 Sealed order (PDF, 692KB, 3 pages)