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November - 2015

Brentwood Ramblers now have a party of twelve volunteers for footpath work. Their first job was towards the end of last year, replacing a footbridge near the George and Dragon, Mountnessing. They all enjoyed the experience on their first project. Although they were spoilt with the weather, certain members thought it would be time better spent on walking! There is no pleasing some.

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The footpath volunteers spent some time south of Doddinghurst  in January, clearing overgrown hedges away from the paths, replacing a footbridge and putting up a safety barrier at another footbridge which did not have one before. Also a number of finger posts were replaced or installed where there weren't any.
The volunteers have enjoyed the tasks they were doing and have the satisfaction of their achievements. Over the last few months  a few comments have been received  from members about some of the footpath conditions and these are being, or will be, taken up with the ECC if necessary, as our volunteers may be able to deal with the problem themselves.
Members of the footpath clearance team have worked at three locations in the past few months and some of the paths to the south east of The Viper have been cleared. The paths have been diverted around Fristling Hall and a number of posts have been put in to show where the new paths are. Some path clearances around the Dawes Farm area has also been done.Those who have taken part in this footpath work seem to enjoy the challenge.

Friday, January 19, 2018